Sitting down with a glass or two of wine,  David told me his life story.
All was subject to complete client confidentiality and so I felt free to ask any questions - this brought back memories he had not thought of for a long time.
We looked at old photographs, artworks and momentos - I asked David if he  wanted the images in his composition to be obvious to the viewer or triggers for his own memories only - “both”, he said.
Anything in particular you would like to see in your Icon?

I then took my notes and pictures away and came up with a line drawing for him to approve.

He gave me a diamond for one of the stars and the rest were vintage french crystals. Gold and palladium leaf,  a pearl from Hawaii - I placed things                                                        precious to him in the picture and it now hangs as a                                                memory of the best and the bravest of times.

                                          Love and thanks for all you gave and continue to give,                                            Warrior!

Tachtastic T shirt

​​​​​​​Jan Treadgold